Monday, January 21, 2013

Heart 4 Girls

We are doing a Contest/Giveaway called a Heart 4 Girls... if you have a heart for girls then this is for you.  I have had some questions so thought I would answer them all together.  Once you make your dress just send me an email and I will tell you where to send them.  My email is  The dresses can be any size but we always seem to need size 8 and 10 the most.  Here is a link to the basic guidelines  If you need the pattern send me an email and I will send you a link to Dropbox and you can download it from there.  The dresses do not have to be the basic sundress style.  They can be any style of dress but please make them out of 100% cotton.  Most of our dresses go to tropical climates so rayons and polyesters do not work well.

I love vintage and hearts and everything this Contest/Giveaway is about so I have been sewing heart dresses even though I will not be entering.  Here is my latest creative.

I have already received three dresses for this event!!  And they are sew cute!!  I have also received pictures of dresses that are coming!!  And I heard from one sewing group that is going to make Heart dresses on Wednesday at their sewing time!!  I am excited to get all of your dresses!!  If you are mailing your dresses they must be postmarked by February 14th (Heart Day).  If you are bringing them to me, they must be here by February 14th.  Happy sewing and thanks to all the have a HEART 4 GIRLS!!


Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

I am so glad you said what sizes you usually need the most of. I try to do a variety of sizes, but can now focus on these two sizes.

Carol said...

Suzanne, this dress is adorable!! I am learning to use my serger - a Viking Husqvarna Huskylock s15. I'm considering buying a foot that will ruffle too, but the local store was not very helpful as they don't have this model. Do you have a foot that ruffles and serges at the same time to do your cute dresses? It would certainly be efficient!

Suzanne said...

Yes Carol... I have a Babylock and a ruffler foot that attaches as it ruffles. I love it and it takes sew little time!!