Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Organizing Fabric

Thanks to the wonderful donations of fabulous people I need to organize my fabric.  If I put it in a drawer and then need to find something it ends up in a mess.  If I put it on a shelf I always want the fabric that is on the bottom.  Thanks to the internet I have found the idea that works for me!!

I just finished organizing my reds and yellows... these are the two colors that I have the least of right now... so they both fit in one file storage box.  I took a hanging file and cut it into two by cutting across the bottom on the fold.  Then I neatly folded my fabric over one of the half hanging files.  So one hanging file will work for two pieces of fabric.  If the pieces are smaller than I put more than one over the half file.  I love this because people can see the fabrics without having to remove them.  Come to my house... pick your fabric and then make a dress!!

Here is my first box of organized fabrics...

Thanks to several people that have brought fabric donations in these file boxes... now the fabrics were just stacked in the boxes when they came and look at them now!!   I am off to organize my pinks!!

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Cheryl said...

Great idea!! And so perfect since you share your fabric with others to make dresses.