Monday, September 9, 2013

Fringe Party

Thanks to Lee, Marguerite and Deanna for coming over today and cutting fringe on the fleece scarves that are headed toward Appalachia and the Lakota Indian Reservation.  We finished 72 scarves and we laughed sew sew much!!  It was a fun way to get a tedious job done.  And everyone enjoyed themselves so much that we are meeting again October 9th to sew again.  If you would like to join this delightful group of ladies just send me an email at  We are having a potluck luncheon and will be sewing dresses!!

Thank you ladies!!


Anonymous said...

Could you give directions for making the scarves? Is it in your blog somewhere already?

Suzanne said...

No I haven't done a tutorial. But we made fairly simple scarves out of fleece... We cut the fleece full width of the fabric which is 60" by from 5" to 7" wide... Then we cut fringe about 3" long on each end. Hope that helps

Suzanne said...
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