Friday, September 13, 2013

Inching Towards Clean Water!!

By the Yard it is hard!!  BUT by the INCH it is a cinch!!!

Please join us in finishing the Dress A Girl Around the World well #2, which is situated in Hiriga, Uganda.  This well will give clean water to over 9,500 children.  It costs $10,150 to drill a deep borehole, which is a lot of money but dividing it up into inches… it is only $5 per inch.  We will need 2030 to give an inch to make this happen!!

The current water source for Hiriga is a seasonal pond 4.5 kilometers from the village.  Because it is a seasonal water source, during the dry times it is just a puddle making the situation even worse!  The source is also in a swampy area out of the sight of homes so there is danger to the women and children in the form of violence and rape.

Did you know?  EVERY 20 SECONDS a child dies from water related illness.  
And diseases related to dirty water include:
E Coli
Hepatitis A
And all kinds of Parasites!!

You can help win the fight in Hiriga!!  
When I was in Uganda I saw the JOY first hand that a well brings to a village!  

A well makes all the difference in the lives of the people
less disease 
less lost hours of walking to a dirty water source
less harm to the children!!

 $5… Make checks out to Water4Kids and mail to
Water 4 Kids International
PO Box 74010
Phoenix, AZ  85087
(Be sure and write DAG-Hiriga Well on the check)
 Questions, just send me an email at

Or you can also donate online at this link:

It is hard to realize but according to the United Nations more people die as a result of polluted water than are killed by all forms of violence including war!!

Every Inch is Important!!

Matthew 10:42

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