Monday, June 15, 2015

Delightfully Fun!!

My summer project… ending October 10th… is making Delightfully Fun Swag Bags (and filling them) for Operation Christmas Child.  These boxes go around the world to children in need.

Here is a picture of the idea...

Now if you are not a sewer… this is the perfect project for you because I also want to fill them… 
small soaps
wash clothes
Pencils and sharpeners
pens (how many of you have perfect pens laying around the house)
small notebooks
travel sized tissue
lollipops (not expired)
just the start of the list!!

But if you are a sewer we are not only going to make the bags but also some small handmade 
teddy bears
dolls (but lets make them out of bright colors… pinks and purples and greens, etc)
sewing kits

I will have the tutorial for the bags up with a couple of days but just wanted to tempt you with the idea!! 


Cheryl said...

These are so sweet! I love filling shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child to deliver to kids in need around the world. It is so rewarding knowing how such a simple gift can change a life of a child. I have received some letters and emails from some of the children who have received my boxes over the years and that is always fun and inspiring to pack more. Love the idea!

Anonymous said...

Interesting to note your new project making the swag bags is really just basically making little pillowcase dresses, your former specialty, without armholes. The ones you posted are really cute.

inChristalone~Megan Vance said...

Just wondering if the bags will replace the shoeboxes or will you put them in a shoebox filled up with all your home-sewn goodies? So adorable!
Will want to see your follow up posts!


Suzanne said...

The bags will go in the boxes...made them a size to fit into the box