Monday, October 17, 2011

Bracelet Tutorial

We have been adding little extras with our dresses... dolls, teddy bears and necklaces.  Recently I decided to use up some of my scrapes to make matching or coordinating bracelets.  Here is how I am doing it:
                               Here is the dress that I decided to make a bracelet for...

First step is to cut a strip of fabric 3" by at least 22"

2. Turn over the right side on each end 1/2" 

3. Fold the fabric with right sides together and serge or stitch along the tube

4. Turn the tube to the right side out and press

                                            5. Cut a piece of elastic 7" or 8" long
                                            The elastic can be 1/2", 3/4" or 1" wide
                                            Put a safety pin through on end

6.  Insert the pinned elastic into the tube and slowly pull through

7.  Once your elastic gets to the end of the tube pin it to secure it

               8.  Pull elastic all the way though the tube and sew making sure not to twist the elastic

                               9.  Tuck one end of the folded fabric inside of the other end

               10.  Sew on a button at edge going through all layers and being sure to secure edge



ITS said...

and they could also use these as "scrunchies" for long hair! What a great idea!

Suzanne said...

Definitely!! Might want to make them a little longer for hair... so you could twist it twice.