Thursday, July 25, 2013

Last Group of Sponsored Dresses

Sponsored by Cheryl R
I took 219 dresses with me to Uganda.  And with all of the dresses everyone brought we gave out over 1000 dresses during our time in Uganda.  I am telling you this to explain why I did not get a picture of every sponsored dress... for the last dresses I have substituted other dresses for the ones that I could not find in my pictures.  If I am able to get pictures of the dresses from other team members I will replace these dresses with the original one you sponsored.  I hope that you will understand and enjoy these little girls in their dresses!!

Sponsored by Joan

Sponsored by Cheryl R
Sponsored by Cheryl D

Sponsored by Julie


Cheryl said...

Suzanne, I feel it's not the dress we sponsored, but the girl. Thanks for finding a girl to dress in my honor from the sponsorship.

Suzanne said...

You are most welcome Cheryl!!! It was an honor!!