Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Dress A Girl Around The World Convention Speakers

June 21 until June 23 Dress A Girl Around the World had our first annual convention in Phoenix, Arizona.  We met at the Windermere Hotel and Conference Center.  I am going to share the convention with you in several postings.  It was a wonderful and inspiring time with women and men from across the United States.  This first posting will address our wonderful speakers.

First, Rachel Eggum Cinader (our fabulous director) shared the story of Hope4Women International and Dress A Girl on Thursday evening.

On Friday morning Angie Simon shared about the importance of water, wells and Hope4Kids

Friday evening we heard from Rose Mapendo.  A genocide survivor, Rose spent 16 months in a Congolese death camp.  Rose has received numerous human rights awards including a 2008 CNN Heroes Award and the UNHCR Humanitarian Award.  In her own words, Rose says she is a "voice for the voiceless."  You can see more of Rose's story in the documentary Pushing the Elephant.

On Saturday we were privileges to hear from two more speakers...
Wendy Stokes challenged us with her presentation Excuse Busters

And Lisa Ward,  shared her heart and reminded us that we are all Born Right on Time!!

Thank you to all of these women for sharing and challenging us all in an inspirational conference!!


Annie said...

Wow. That sounds like an amazing experience.
A x
ps Jo and I got a mention on Radio Shropshire when they were doing links to the Dress a girl charity at the weekend :-)

Gisela Suski said...

Our youth group and the Lutheran Synod are raising money for wells. We hope to raise $2500 for one well.

Suzanne said...

It was amazing and Gisela that is fabulous!!