Thursday, June 28, 2012

Giving God's Best Dress

At the convention we had a forum about making the best dress we could.  Now it did get a little silly at times...

I was sew excited about my vintage pillowcase find!!

But it was too too light... June could see through it!!

What to do?

Lightweight Fabrics
If you have fabric or a pillowcase that is too lightweight, use it to make bias tape.  Or if you have a wonderful antique pillowcase and the fabric is too lightweight use another pillowcase under it as a lining... cut the tops and armholes at the same time and sew them as if they were one pillowcase.  Other suggestions include making a pinafore over top of the lightweight pillowcase or line the lightweight pillowcase and use it as the skirt on a t-shirt dress.  These ideas can be done before you make the dress or, as a solution when receiving dresses made out of lightweight material.

Results a beautiful vintage dress

There were also ideas on making pockets...

And a reminder that these dresses maybe washed in a river or on a rock... so please make them STURDY and sew them WELL!

And always remember to put a label on the outside front of your dress... it is a little badge of protection.  These girls are vulnerable and this new dress with a label tell people someone cares about this girl!!

And if you would like one a receipt is always available for your dress and supply donation....

And lots of ideas were shared about extras... dolls, necklaces, teddy bears and underwear

Thanks to Carol, Sharon, Karen and June for helping me

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