Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I must thank the lovely ladies at Emerald Heights Retirement Community.  They were a gracious and attentive audience for my presentation this morning.  There were about 50 ladies present for breakfast and the presentation.  We had a wonderful breakfast with homemade cinnamon buns!!  And then I was able to share what we are doing sewing dresses for little girls in need.  Now would be the time to show you the pictures of the event but I was so nervous that I didn't forget my camera but did forget to take pictures!!  After I spoke the ladies had several questions and then many of them took dress kits to work on. And two ladies asked about making teddy bears!!  I so appreciate the invitation to speak and the ladies that came today!!  Thank you so much Emerald Heights Retirement Community!!  There will be more little girls with dresses because of you!!!

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