Monday, April 4, 2011

Talk to Everyone

I find that I talk to everyone sewing dresses for little girls in need.  It just seems to always work into the conversation.  Someone in line at the fabric store will ask for advice on a piece of fabric and then they will ask me what I am sewing.  At the Sewing Expo, I asked each vender that I was buying from if they would like to know what I was using their product for.  At the Chiropractors' office while I was getting a massage for my aching back, I just happened to mention why my back was aching.  This last discussion let to dresses being taken to Malawi this week.  Sofiya works in this office and she was making a trip to Malawi and said yes to taking dresses!!

Thank you Cynthia for sharing what I told you about sewing dresses!
Thank you Sofiya for taking dresses!!

One person can make a difference!!!


Dress a Girl Connecticut said...

Awesome! Great pictures too! I too talk to everyone about the dresses I am making! I wonder if they grow tired of hearing me talk. :) I try not to talk too much to the same people-unless they ask of course! Told a group of about 5 today at Joann's picking up more fabric for bias tape.

Suzanne said...

Yes I know I try not to talk to the same people again also... unless they ask but I am so excited and when I see pictures like this it makes me tear up!!