Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Traveling Pillowcase

This story starts with Lynne my good friend that lives in Toronto, Canada. Lynne and I were talking about sewing dresses for little girls in need and she said that she had some pillowcases and sheets.  In fact she had quite a few pillowcases and sheets.  I was going to be visiting Toronto so she said that she would save them for me.  And boy did she have pillowcases and sheets!!   This is where this little pillowcase comes into the story (actually there were two matching pillowcases...)

Aren't they pretty!!
Well these two pillowcases came home with me (along with quite a few others... I had a very heavy suitcase, as did my brother who helped carry them all home to Seattle)  Now that pillowcase and it's matching twin have been in my cupboard for a couple of months waiting to be changed.  I have finished them both and here are the two dresses I made:

And now these two dresses will soon be on their way to Albania or Uganda!!


Sarah said...

Or, perhaps the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pillowcases?

Rachel Eggum Cinader said...

LOVE them!! You are sew creative:)

Me said...

Yes, Sarah you got the idea I was going for