Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Spreading the Word about Dress A Girl

The internet is a wonderful tool for helping others.  Since using the internet to spread the word, I have had one gal from California contact me and ask for more information on Dress A Girl Around the World.  She is now sewing for the organization with her mother!!  A friend that I do not see too often has offered to donate fabrics.  Another former business associate told me that she wants to become involved in this project.  A close friend on Polyvore (a remarkable design site) donated several pillowcases and sheets.  Another friend on Polyvore just told me today that she has fabric, trims and lace that she would like to send.  And a wonderful classmate from high school spent the summer collecting pillowcases and they are now being made into dresses!  Along with a marvelous sewing group forming because of hearing about the project on Facebook. Thank you to everyone who has helped and is still helping with this project.  We have a goal of 50,000 dresses for 2011 so we need lots of donations and lots of people sewing!!  Can you help?  Contact me at suzannewithdressagirl@gmail.com

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