Friday, December 4, 2015

Thank you Margaret, Sally, Sharon and Ute

All these wonderful ladies recently sewed dresses for the little girls that we serve.  And when I have dresses I mean a lot… almost two hundred dresses have come to my house this week.  I am constantly amazed by the creativity and generosity of the ladies that sew with us!!  I have to share the story of Margaret.  She has some health issues and loves to sew these dresses but because of her health issues Margaret had a problem… her sewing machine was upstairs and it was very hard for her to get up those stairs.  Her wonderful daughter put in a stair lift chair for Margaret and now she can easily go upstairs and sew.  And I received 100 dress this week that Margaret has finished!!  Here are just a few of the many dresses that came this week.

Thank you to all the ladies that keep sewing for these precious girls!!

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