Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Dress A Girl Birthday Dress Contest

Dress A Girl is 5 years old this month.  We have sent dresses to 80 different countries and dressed over 300,000 girls in those 5 years.  I think it is time for a Celebration Dress Contest!!  This is a fundraising contest.  All funds will go to Dress A Girl Around the World.

I would like you to make a dress for a little girl to wear to the DAG Birthday Bash.  The Bash will be on my blog… right here.  I will post all of the dresses and we will have a great celebration.  When you send your dress to me please include at least a $15 donation made out to  Hope for Women International with DAG in the memo line.  This donation will help us continue to dress many more little girls in the future.  I have seen many of your beautiful creations in the past and can just imagine what you will come up with for this important occasion.

Dresses must be postmarked by November 19th or turned into me personally by November 19.  I am extending this celebration into November because I will be in Uganda from November 4 until the 17th and will not have time to post all the pictures before I go.  This dress can be any size and any color but make it a celebration of your creativity!!

I still tear up when I see a picture in a girl in a dress that I have made… this is an important ministry that changes lives.  Become a part of it by making a dress for this DAG Birthday Bash Celebration!!

If you need my address please send me an email as soon as possible…

I can not wait to see your creations.  The are no rules and no requirements on your dresses except that you follow our guidelines at:'sHints%20and%20Instructions-2.pdf

Here is one of my favorites that I have made in the past…

What will yours look like????

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