Saturday, March 1, 2014


If you know me you know that I love bargains and this has been quite the week for that!!

The first place I stopped was Jo-Ann's… their fleece was 60% off and if it was a remnant it was another 50% off and for my little bears remnants are perfect… these pieces were between$1 and $2 each

Then I stopped at Tuesday Morning and that is where I really did some bargain shopping… all of the items below were 90% off… the little dresses were $1.29, the mittens were $0.29 and the scarves were $0.69 each… they will make a beautiful box for the cold weather climates!!  Now I just need to get the shipping cost together!!

Lastly I made a stop at Hancock's… their notions wall was 50% off and if you spent $35 then you could get another $5 off… sew now I have lots of elastic and even some new sewing machine needles…

And I even got my shopping fix along with it!!  As I said I love a bargain and the only thing better is three stores with bargains!!

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