Wednesday, January 8, 2014

God's Best Dress… Guideline #1

We want to make God's best dress for the girls.  These girl's may not have the tool necessary to fix a dress so we need to make their dress STURDY!!

Guideline #1

There MUST be NO raw edges on the dress… pockets (pockets may have a pinked edge), hemlines (hemlines must be either serged and then turned up or turn the hem 1/4" and then turn up again) and seams MUST all have finished edges… not just a straight stitch but you must go further!!

1. French Seam

To make a french seam you first place WRONG sides of fabric together and stitch a narrow seam.  Then flip your fabric with right sides together and stitch a seam (enclosing the first seam)

2. Serge or overlock the seam edge.

3.  Straight stitch your seam and then go back and do a zig zag stitch between the straight stitch and edge of fabric.

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