Monday, January 13, 2014

Fabric Choices

When making dresses please think about your fabric print choices.  Please no skulls or American Patriotic fabrics.  Also, think about the words if there are words on the fabric… mommy's little girl is cute but will not work for a dress headed to an orphanage.  I also stay away for prints with foods on them.

Sewing Tip… Fabric!

1. When choosing fabric for the dresses please use 100% cotton… it is sturdy, washable and breathable
2. No Micro-fiber Pillowcases
3.  We have a HAND test… put your hand under one layer of the fabric and if you can see the outline of your hand the fabric is too light and cannot be used.

The pictures I have included show an extreme example of being able to see your hand so you will be able to see it in the picture.

This picture of the pretty fabric laying on the table actually gives you a big clue that the fabric will not work because you can see the patterns of the under layer showing through the top layer of fabric.

  I would use this "too light fabric" to make bias tape or to add a ruffle on the bottom of my dress.

Happy Sewing!!


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