Friday, January 31, 2014

Congratulations to….

In a Random Drawing of all the dresses submitted (and by the way they were all sew beautiful… so it had to be a random drawing!!)  Here is the Little Princess of the Hiriga Well…

Congratulations to Rose Anne!!

And thank you to all those that gave dresses to this project.

The Hiriga Well will be dedicated in November 2014

and on Monday I am submitting my application to go on this trip.

I am not going to do official fundraising at this time 
but if you would like to help me get to Uganda you can submit a donation to 
Hope 4 Kids International
  34975 N. Valley Pkwy
Bldg 1, Suite 102/104
Phoenix, AZ 85086
Just be sure and mention that it is for Suzanne Lofgren… November Uganda Trip.
Questions about Dress A Girl Around the World


Gail said...

Very pretty. But I want to know when the net contest is so my ladies can enter into the contest. I found the blog late.

Suzanne said...

I will be putting a new challenge in the future… I post it here and also on my Facebook page