Thursday, October 31, 2013

Matching Funds!!

We are currently trying to fund a Well in Hiriga, Uganda.  There are over 7,000 children living in this area that will profit from clean water.  They will have less hours away from school because currently they are walking a long ways to get water and also they will have much less disease.  So how can you help?  I am sew glad you asked.  It costs $5 per inch to fund this well.  So far we have raised just over 800" of this well which leaves just under 1200" left to go until we can deliver clean water and save lives.

I would like you to tell me a better invest with $5 than saving lives!!  And we have an anonymous donor that will match your gifts up to a total of $250 in the month of November.  So can we add 100" in the month of November?  Please help!!

You can send a check to Water 4 Kids International, PO Box 74010, Phoenix, Arizona 85087... just be sure and write DAG Well in the memo line.  Or you can go to to make an online donation.  The third way you can donate is to give me cash or a check and I will send the funds to Water 4 Kids for you.

Thank you sew much for considering this project.  Let's give kids this most important give this year!!

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