Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Sponsored Dresses

Here are some of the beautiful children that received the dresses that people sponsored to help me go to Uganda!!  Thanks to all that helped!!  This was an incredible opportunity!!

Sponsored by Alice

Sponsored by Cheryl R

Sponsored by Evy

Sponsored by Gigi

Sponsored by Jernay

There will be more postings soon, showing lots more little girls that received new dresses because these sponsors cared about them!!  It was wonderful to be able to tell them that ladies a long way away loved them and that Jesus loved them so much!!


Gramma 2 Many said...

Sweet pictures. I can hardly wait to do this. I am also thinking I might copy your sponsor idea.

Cheryl said...

What a privilege to help get a dress to a little one in need. Thanks for all of your effort. And thanks for the pictures.

Suzanne said...

Feel Free to use the idea... I did sometimes have a hard time getting a picture of every dress... it is hard when passing out 200 or 300 other dresses, to get a picture of every dress that has been sponsored

jernay said...

Thank You for sharing our LOVE for the Girls and taking the time to make a photo...Makes my ♥ sing..~~~~Hugs jernay

64f4aa58-f3e4-11e2-a965-000bcdcb5194 said...

Thank you for doing the sponsorship, and for capturing the moment for us to appreciate.

Dress A Girl Australia said...

Thank you Suzanne. I'll copy the picture to my blog/fb page. Thank you so much. Looking forward to the day when I can do this as well.