Sunday, May 19, 2013

Thrifty Shopping

Yesterday I had someone tell me they didn't like going to garage sales and a second person said that they had gone to Value Village for the first time.  Now I am thinking I must be a very strange duck because if my husband and I are looking for a cheap entertaining Saturday we will go garage saling and to the thrift stores!!  We love it!!  So here is my latest project with Dollar Store, Thrift Store and Garage Sale finds...

I started out with these head bands from the Dollar Store... 8 for $1

Here is the cost breakdown for each headband I decided to make

0.13 for each headband
0.01 for glue sticks found at Value Village
0.03 for puffs using a coupons from Michael's
0.01 for the flowers from a silk leis from a garage sale

Total cost per headband... $0.18... not bad!! and they will be traveling with me to Uganda

This is why I love going to garage sales...

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