Saturday, April 20, 2013

What a Week in Washington!!

This has been such a busy and wonderful week in Washington.  I was meeting with different people everyday this week.  I decided the best way to explain was to show you what happened at my house this week...

First there were dresses from Loretta... sew beautiful!

Next there were dresses from Anne... gorgeous!

And fabric donated by Betty... lovely!

Then a box came from Kim at Fabric Outlet... wonderful!

On Thursday Sally came with more dresses... beautiful!

And a new sewer Linda... welcome!

Finally, I met with Maris and she gave me more dresses... adorable!

You might notice some of the dresses are made with donated fabrics from Bug Fabric... darling

Thanks to all for making this an amazing week for Little Girls!!

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Carol said...

Wow, you are busy! Pretty dresses. I love the fabrics on the websites you mentioned...Bug Fabric and Fabric Outlet. How wonderful they donate fabric to Dress A Girl!

marie turner said...

i have a HUGE roll of fabric how do i donate? i live in va but could ship to you.

Suzanne said...

Marie send me an email at