Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Dress Dedication

Last Sunday I was privilaged to visit All Saint Lutheran Church.  What a kind and welcoming group of people!!  Kathy is headed to Mexico to celebrate the Day of The Child.  She will work with Pastors in the area and will share stories about Jesus, do crafts with the children and give dresses to the girls.  On Sunday the church dedicated all of the items traveling to Mexico and they also asked me to share about the sewing of our dresses for little girls in need...

Here is the beautiful sign that greeted us upon our arrival!

And here are some of the dresses going on this trip

I had the opportunity to share with the children about dressing little girls

We also thanked the ladies in the church that had sewn dresses

This is how we put on the dresses

The second dressing

Our two volunteers

Time to lay hands on and pray for the dresses and the trip

It was a fabulous day with a great people
Stay tuned for the second part of our morning in the next posting!!

If you would like to become involved by sewing or 
by donating to my fundraising effort for my trip to Uganda please email me at


Cheryl said...

You really had their attention! Love their little faces watching you.

Suzanne said...

They were very cute!!