Friday, February 8, 2013


Rebecca recently returned from her trip to Liberia.  She handed out 200 dresses while in the country.  Liberia is a West African nation that has been torn by civil war, starting in the 1980's and not ending until 2005.  In this civil war 250,000 people were killed and it left ecomonic ruin for the people of Liberia.  Rebecca will be returning to this area in the near future but here are some of her photos from this trip.

Thank you Rebecca!!!


Cheryl said...

How wonderful!! These gals look so excited to be in their beautiful new dresses! And they are beautiful! I never tire of seeing the girls.

Rebecca Pratt said...

Beautiful. Thanks for sharing. It was so much fun being able to distribute these dresses to the orphan children we are working with .

Andrea said...

Where do I get the pattern for this dress??