Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Pocket Tutorial

Most of my dresses above size 1 have pockets on them.  I know this is not the way you were taught to do pockets but these pockets look cute and save quite a bit of time.

First, I like my pockets about 5" x 5" (unless I use the cutout
from the armhole) I always make my pockets 2 layers

I sometimes vary my shape (but keep the 5" width)

Fold over 1/4" of fabric at top

There are several things I like to use to accent the pocket.
One of my favorites is a vintage hankie.  Take 1/4 of a hankie... cutting it the same width as the fabric but about 1/2" above the top of the fabric.  Fold over the hankie at 1/2"

 Place hankie on the fabric so you have a finished edge at the top

If you are using lace as an accent cut it a little longer than the fabric and place on top

          Using rick rack cut it longer than the fabric and place on top
Place you second piece of fabric on top with right sides together and pin. Sew together the sides and bottom leaving the top open

                                Clip corners and cut extra lace or rick rack off

    Turn the pocket right side out using a pointer to push corners and iron. If you have fabric showing at the top just push it into the opening
Stitch across the top making sure that you catch the folded over fabric inside and then add any accents

I often add a heart to the pocket
Buttons make an adorable accent!  
Just make sure you located them so that you can sew the pocket onto the dress

When sewing the pocket onto the dress be sure and backstitch at the beginning and the end!!

                                      Happy Sewing


Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

I love the hankie idea. Even just adding a triangle of another fabric would be cute.

Suzanne said...

Yes I have done that also... the contrast is fun and add a button and it is even cuter!!

Suzanne said...

Place the pocket on the right side with the middle of the pocket just below half way from the top to the bottom of the dress

Kaylee said...

I am a first timer (newbie) Suzanne, I cut out 9 dresses last Thursday ready to sew into dresses. I work full time, I am hoping to get started on some of these this weekend. I didn't realise we could add frills, pockets etc to the dresses. I thought they had to be to a as per your pattern I downloaded. I am happy to add pockets etc. Also can you please send me an address so I can post you the dresses when completed. I only have the pattern for the one size and I am not sure what size it will fit. This is amazing what you are doing and I am excited to be able to help. Cheers Kaylee