Thursday, January 10, 2013

In Memory

A recent post on my Facebook Washington Page led to my meeting Pam.  Pam's mom passed away a few years ago and she was a quilter.  Pam was ready to part with her mom's fabric and when she heard about Dress A Girl Around the World she offered to give us fabrics.  They are all cotton and many of them are coordinated.  Such a sweet gesture and we appreciate it sew much!!  Here are the first two dresses made from the fabric and they are in memory of Pam's Mom!!

Thank you Pam for helping the little ones in need!!
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Also keep you eys out for a new contest... coming soon!!


Cheryl said...

How special. They turned out delightful! My sister passed away last year and my niece gave my mom some of her quilting fabric which she passed on to me to use for my dresses. I'm thinking of doing more dresses in honor of and in memory of people--I thought they would make neat Christmas gifts.

Pam Smith-Graham said...

Just want to give credit to my mom for collecting the fabric that was donated. Wynona Dianne Smith, Dianne to everybody that knew her, loved quilting and her quilting family. She'll be happy that her fabric is being put to good use.

Pam Smith-Graham said...
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Suzanne said...

Again Thank you Pam for donating... it was fun picking which to use first... and there will be many more dresses thanks to your generosity!!

Sue Niven said...

A fantastic thing to do, a lovely way to remember someone special.

Rachel Smith Price said...

Thank you Pam so much for researching where and how to donate.
Knowing how the fabric is being used is so much more rewarding than money from selling it. And yes, Mom would be thrilled to know her fabric was being used for dresses for little girls, by such talented semstresses.
Thank you Pam, and thank you all in the program.
Pam' s sister, Rachel.

Suzanne said...

Rachel... there are a lot of sewers that will enjoy working with this great fabric and the little girls will love these dresses. I am working on another dress with the fabric and we will be using that dress as an example for a contest!!