Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Headband Tutorial

Making Headbands

The items you need...

I buy mostly silk flowers that I can be taken apart... petal by petal
One flower with many petals will make several headbands.
You can also use the leaves off of the stems
And puff balls in many colors

A glue gun

Cut a 1/2" or 3/4" piece of ribbon about 36" long
Use a sturdy ribbon like grosgrain

Find the middle of the ribbon
Either mark with a pencil or finger press the center

Cut the ends of the ribbon into an angle

Hot glue on the first petal

Continue gluing the petals building up your design

Continue by adding the leaves and more colors

Glue the puff balls into the center of the petals
And you are finished

Use your creativity to make the headbands in any color
You can also use small flowers and bows on the petals 

Have fun!!


Carol said...

Wow! That's simple! So they just tie it then?? I was thinking elastic was involved! Love your hot pink glue gun!!

Suzanne said...

Yes... this way it will fit all different head sizes...

lambofHisflock said...

Another perfect project! I will also share this one on klamathocc.blogspot.com when I post tonight.. what a lovely way to show girls they are beautiful!