Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Making T-shirt Dresses

I love these coupons I get form Kolh's.  They have provided the t-shirts for quite a few dresses.  Between the clearance racks, the coupons and about $7 dollars from me I made 9 dresses this weekend!!

These dresses are very quick to make.  I take the t-shirt and measure down from the point that would be at the same height as the top of a pillowcase dress (DO NOT measure from the neck... your dress will be too short).  I decide where to cut off my t-shirt.  For example: from that upper chest area to the bottom of  t-shirt in number one (the horse dress) was 11 inches... I was making a size 4 so my fabric needed to be 13 inches long plus the hem.  The t-shirt part of the dress can be different lengths... depending if you want an empire style dress or a low-waisted dress or also depending on where the design is on the t-shirt if there is one.  I attach the two parts together using the ruffler foot on my serger.  If you do not have a serger, you will need to gather the fabric and sew to the t-shirt using a zigzag stitch (if you use a straight stitch the fabric will ravel and you will not have the give you need when a child pulls the dress over their head).

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