Monday, March 19, 2012

Dresses for India

We have been asked to provide dresses for India.  And we will be making t-shirt dresses but the person that wants to take the dresses doesn't want cap sleeves on the t-shirts sew that makes it harder to find suitable t-shirt.  Yesterday I was at Hancock Fabrics and they had their patterns on for 99 cents.  I found a pattern and spent this morning adjusting and simplifying it to work for India.  Here is the dress I came up with.

This is a size 14 and is a little longer with more modest sleeves.
It takes about 1 1/4 yards for a size 14
I will be making the pattern up next week if you are interested
And if I get some questions about it I will do a tutorial.

Thanks to all the wonderful sewers that make dresses!!


Anonymous said...

I would love this pattern. I am making dresses in Australia


LC N Fraser said...

My mom used to make pillow case dresses for special things when I was a kid -- the one I remember best was for the 12th Street Rag. She made me a flapper dress. Love seeing all the styles you are creating with them - my mom would have been so impressed!

Suzanne said...

Thanks Ladies!! Aren't memories so special!!

tllollar said...

I would like the pattern. Our Women's Ministries is making pillowcase and t-shirt dresses for Africa and could help with this also,

Dress A Girl Western Australia said...


I would love this pattern as I have a friend interested in taking dresses to India - I am in Australia too (Sarah where are you?)

Happy to pay costs (through paypal maybe?)

If this is going to be possible - please can you email me on

Many thanks

just jayma said...

I look forward to your tutorial!