Saturday, February 11, 2012

Vintage Dress

I love using vintage pillowcases with hand embroidery to make dresses.  As I was making this one my mind was wondering to the lady that embroidered this pillowcase... what was she like... who did she make this pillowcase for... and what would she think of a dress for a little girl in need out of her handiwork.  I wish that I could show her!

Often with Vintage pillowcases the fabric is too light for modesty.  I make a tube of the same width as the pillowcase... add a ruffle that will peak out at the bottom.  I cut off the top of the pillowcase and match the tube and the pillowcase at the top... I cut the armholes while they are together and press and sew the casing as if they we one piece of fabric.  But I allow the side seams to be separate.  I attach the pocket only to the top pillowcase... not to the lining.

Here is my latest creation... I am really into pink lately!!

Isn't the embroidery sweet!!

And a little pocket matching the two shades of pink to finish it off!!