Thursday, December 8, 2011

Talking to Myself

I have had fun sewing this last week or so... I have made quite a few dresses.  Someone asked me how I make sew many dresses?  Well, I think that I am a fairly fast sewer and as I am sewing and choosing fabrics I talk to myself and challenge myself to make more dresses for little girls and to make the cutest dresses I can... quickly.

If someone gives me fabric or pillowcases I want to get at least one dress made so they can see it. 
This dress is made from a set of pillowcases a stranger bought for me in Ross Dress for Less last week

If I have scraps or smaller pieces I challenge myself to put them together to create a dress
These pieces came from a donation after an estate sale

another dress from the estate sale donation

mixing and matching what I have

If I have fabric that normally would be not be used for little girls I challenge myself to make it cute
Black is always a fun challenge

And more black

If I find a good price on a sheet or bedskirt I challenge myself on how many dresses can I make
8 out of this $6.99 sheet

7 out of this $4.99 bedskirt

And discount t-shirt
Finding them is a challenge
$0.50 from thrift shop

$1.50 from Ross

$1.50 from Ross

Sew this is what I do...
I talk to myself and I sew

If you would like to challenge me to sew with something you have just email me 


Ingrid said...

Suzanne, you are the cleverest girl! I'm SEW impressed! You should be very proud - these dresses are adorable! You're going to make us "regular" pc dress sewers look like slackers!


Twiglet said...

Those dresses are really gorgeous - clever you. I love the way you have used the T shirts. I will try that idea after Christmas when I start on my dresses again. x Jo

Suzanne said...

Never!! Every dress I have seen is sew special,,, and sewn with love!!

Pam said...

You are very talented at matching fabrics!!! All are adorable.