Friday, December 16, 2011

Sometimes Fabric Speaks to Me

Patty came by last week and she brought 6 shopping bags full of fabric.  Wonderful cotton fabric and it was large pieces of fabric.  Patty had a friend that was moving into Assisted Living and she would not be sewing anymore.  She was excited to hear about sewing dresses for little girls
and gave all of her fabric to us.  

As I was washing the fabric one particular piece jumped out at me.  I often see fabric and it just speaks to me... it says use me!!!  use me!!  I am perfect.  And I need to use that fabric to make a dress.  Well that is what happened to me and I just love this bright and bold sunflower pattern!

This dress is all finished...

This is the t-shirt dress that I made out of the same fabric, but it isn't quite done.  I have a friend, a quilter named Anne, and she will take this dress and appliqué  a cute heart or flower or maybe a rabbit and then it will really be finished!!

Thanks fabric for talking to me... I do love sewing!!


Carey ~ Gypsy Thread said...

Fabric is always "speaking" to me too. Glad I'm not the only one. :)

Such a great, cheerful dress you made. Any girl would be happy to receive such a beauty.

Suzanne said...

There are least two of us... this happens to me a lot!!!