Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A God "Thing"

I was in a store today doing a little shopping for Christmas... and of course I had to stop by the pillowcases and sheets and see if there were any good deals or clearance items to use to make dresses.  As I was looking I got to talking to another lady that was browsing through the same aisle.  She was looking for pink sheets for a gift and I told her what I was doing.  She started looking through the pillowcases and found a pretty paisley pair and asked me if they would work for dresses.  I told her that her pick was perfect for dresses.  The lady went to the checkout and then came back to me and gave me the paisley pillowcases and said she thought that it was a God "thing".  I thanked her and she left. Now I realize that I do not even know her name!!  Thank you to all the wonderful people out there helping little girls.

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Annie said...

How lovely.....he works in mysterious ways :-)
A x