Monday, October 3, 2011

Dedicated to the Ladies of Washington!!

I am sew impressed by the ladies that sew in Washington... they have creativity, imagination and heart!!  One of the sewers stopped by to drop off dresses and she shared this beautiful creation with me.  Anne is a quilter as well as a Dress A Girl sewer!!

And her is one of her adorable dresses 
(don't miss the sweet heart in the corner)

And here is a sweet gift given to me by another sewer!  Barb spends hours working on 
dresses and opens her studio so others can make dresses for this project!!

And most important... here is the reason we sew!!

Ladies of Washington you inspire me and I must thank you for all of your encouragement and friendship!!  There are sew many ladies and they work sew hard for Dress A Girl!!  I feel blessed to do this work because we help so many little girls and also because I have met so many of you and gotten to know a few of you very well!!  You are quite incredible!!
(you can see pictures of some of these ladies at the left of this blog)

Thank you!!


Barbara said...

We appreciate YOU, Suzanne! I know how much time you spend to make all this happen and coordinate everything! Thank you!

Terry said...

Howdy Sweet Lady
Blessings of gratitude to you and all who put smiles not only on a face but inside the hearts of so many ! May your days be sew filled with joy that you never tire of spreading the joy of your talents to others.
Until next time
Happy Trails

h. rae said...

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