Monday, July 4, 2011

Newspaper Interview!!

On our recent trip to Sweden my husband and I were interviewed by the local paper in his father's hometown.  During that interview I was able to share abut Dress A Girl Around the World.  We were sitting at his family church by a beautiful lake after the MidSummer church service.  Here is a little of the interview that appeared in the Daslanningen Newspaper. (Swedish translated into English)
"Suzanne is from Canada, her profession is teaching. However, at the present time she is engaged in quite an unusual piece of work which extends over the whole world. The organization is called "Dress a girl Around the World" ("Klä upp en flicka på denna vår jord"). The aim is to sew dresses for girls who don´t have any. It is an international undertaking on a voluntary basis. No salaries are paid. In the U. S. most states are engaged in this work which is led by a chosen representative. In our state I have promised to take the assignment. We have representatives in many different countries, such as Canada, England, Turkey, Hongkong. Our aim is to sew dresses for poor girls in countries struck by disasters and other problems, such as wars, famines etc. Girls in Haiti and Uganda for example have received new dresses which we have sewed. Just imagine how thrilling for me in due time to see pictures of girls around the world who have put on dresses that I have sewed!"


Jean said...

What an amazing testimony and what a way to share!

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