Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Hello all... I have been a little inconsistent with the blog lately because I was in Sweden.  We were visiting my husbands' relatives.  His dad was born in Sweden.   Here I am in Sigtuna, Sweden.

But God was so good... on the way home I met a man that goes to Africa on a regular basis and takes clothes to an orphanage there.  We were on the Shuttle Express coming home and got to talking.  Also,  his wife is a quilter and knows lots of other quilters in the area... so who knows we may have more sewers that will either join us sewing or maybe have fabrics to donate.


Sandi W. said...

You are such a bright light for this ministry, Suzanne. Everywhere you go you simply speak from your heart about these wonderful children and the Dress a Girl project. People do beam when they hear of this project when we just let them know what each of us is able to contribute in any capacity. See you soon!

Kristy said...

How wonderful!!! :)