Monday, June 6, 2011

Generous People

My husband and I went to garage sales on Saturday.   It was a beautiful day in Seattle... sunny and in the 70's.  Everyone seemed in a very good mood!!  We went in the afternoon so people knew that they would be closing their sales soon. And they were generous to us.  I always tell people what I am using the items for... making dresses for little ones in need!!  I always carry my cards with me so they know that I am really doing what I say I am doing.  Well, on Saturday people gave me pillowcases and sheets and some pillow-shams.  When I got home I cut the lovely eyelet ruffles  off of the pillow-shams and ended up with 18 yards of wide eyelet to use on the dresses!  Today I will wash all of the sheets and pillowcases and they will be ready for dresses and bias tape making.  Thanks to all of the generous people out there!!  It takes lots of different talents to make these dresses and on Saturday I experienced the Generous Talent from several strangers!!

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Kristy said...

Love those kind of great finds! Can't wait to see your creations! :)