Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Wonderous Internet

About six months ago Linda contacted me because she had read this blog.  She wanted to sew dresses!!  She set a goal for herself of 50 dresses.  Yesterday I received an email from Linda... she had finished her dresses and also dolls...

These are just a few of her creations.  Aren't they all just adorable!!  And the thing that really amazes me is the fact that Linda lives 3,000 miles from me.  One hundred years ago she would not had any idea what I was doing this side of the country... at least not for many months!!  So this is the wonderous side of the internet!!  Thanks sew much Linda!!  Some little ones in need in this world will definitely have a very big smile because of you!!

If you would like to help just email me at

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Barbara said...

Wow!!! Those are really wonderful!!