Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Such a Gift

The internet has many uses... this morning it gave me a gift!!  I was able to see dresses made here in Washington delivered to Uganda.  These dresses where made out of pillowcases and fabric remnants... with a little bit of lace and a lot of love.
Made by Barbara and Luba

Made by Suzanne

Looking at these beautiful girls inspires me to sew more and more.


suburbhater said...

Lovely photos - I find myself examining each little dress to see if I can identify the pillowcase, and then looking at each little girl's face and seeing such a sweet smile. Well done!

Suzanne said...

Some of your pillowcases are in Haiti Lynne... we haven't gotten pictures yet. Thanks for all you help!!

jlofgr said...

Inspiring! I love the pictures!

Barbara said...

SO excited to see the little girls wearing the dresses I made! And it looks like they are enjoying the dolls I made too! What a motivation to sew more .. .