Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sew Much Fun

I am looking forward to Friday... meeting new friends and also sewing with several ladies that I have been with before.  It will be a time to create many dresses for the little ones in the world that may never have had a a new dress.  And we also have fun!!  It is like the old fashion sewing bee... as we sew we learn about each other and we also share sewing tips.  I must admit that we also laugh a little... well usually a lot.  And sometimes we occasionally cry... especially when sharing stories of the little ones in need.  The story that touched my heart the most was about a girl in a Russian orphanage.  This girl was about 12 years old.  When a lady brought her a dress, she said it was was the first dress she had ever owned... remember she was 12!!  As the lady toured the orphanage,  giving out other dresses that little girl followed her for the entire time.  As the lady was leaving, that sweet little girl gave her a hug and asked if she could go home with that lady...

How can you not sew when you hear a story like that!!  It still gives me chills as I write it again.  E-mail me at if you need directions.  We still have room for more sewers on Friday.  I challenge you to come and make a dress for a girl in need!

They needs you!!

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