Friday, February 4, 2011


Somedays are sew exciting and bring a smile to my face because I know the joy they will end up bringing to the faces of so many little ones!!  Yesterday was that kind of day!!  All I can say is WOW (and thank you)!!!

There was a call from a new church in Woodinville, Washington that is interested in organizing a sewing event!!!

Another call from a friend ended in being able to pick up this:

     I am still organizing lace... but isn't this wonderful... we were running short of lace!!!

And finally, last night Joyce and I were privileged to visit at Stray Threads Quilt Guild. We had brought some dresses to show a couple of ladies and the group asked us to share them with everyone. We had made the dresses from fabric that the ladies had donated.  So we were able to share with the whole group about Dress A Girl Around the World!!  And what a generous response!!  They want us to come back to give another presentation so that they can donate more fabric.  Thanks to Joyce for this wonderful contact!!  And here is what they donated last night...

Thanks you Stray Threads!!!!!!!

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Suzanne said...

Still saying WOW!! And again Thank you all!!!