Sunday, February 20, 2011

Thoughts from Tucson

My mind is a bit of a jumble this morning.  I just had one of those big birthdays that ends in a zero and I wanted to try and tell a bit about this amazing project from a more personal level.  Now there is the obvious reason why we sew;  the needs in this world and the helping of very poor girls.  The little ones that are often overlooked and sometimes abused by so many societies.  The smiles on those faces, when they receive a dress, say it all!!  And there is so much need.  I have become obsessed with trying to help these little ones and in the process I have been so blessed... 
                     It is fun...being creative...being with friends and sewing...meeting
                                     new friends
                     It is so rewarding... we have helped some sweet girls half way
                                    around the the feeling that gives me is quite
                     It is something one person can do... just make one dress or donate one
                                    pillowcase and that will make a difference!

I now know without a doubt it is much more "Blessed to give than to receive"  And in that giving you actually do receive so much.  For me... friendship, love, encouragement, strength, joy, reconnection with old friends, the discovery of kindred spirits, the learning of new skills and I am having a good time.  I am so thankful to have this opportunity.  Thank you to all the Washington sewers supporting this cause.

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ga447 said...

I am just learning to sew and yes, I will learn to do 2 dresses. Is the pattern on this site? I just learned how to do a walker bag for senior citizen. I mostly work on quilts for the Lutheran World Relief and they go to most of the countries you have listed. Happy Birthday!