Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Generosity of Strangers

Today I went to an estate sale because it listed
and sewing machine
amongst the description.
I was hoping to find some wonderful fabrics to make dresses for the little ones.
I found that but I found so much more.
The family was so generous
They wanted to know all about helping little girls with sewing dresses
And they shared about their mother Hazel
Her love of sewing
Her love of quilting 
Her love for her family
A few of the wonderful items I got today

Hazel's Machine

As I was leaving the family gave me Hazel's machine and said that Hazel would have loved to have sewn with us and in giving her machine they felt that she was sewing with us...

The first dress made with Hazel's fabric

Thank you Anna and Becky and all of your family!!


Herr Schenk said...

It was a wonderful afternoon meeting these fine folk and being out with my sister. Never got to meet you Hazel but you were obviously a formidable woman. That quilt of all the art of your kids and grandkids is one of a kind and what a legacy! WAC, wife, mother, grandma and Purple Heart winner.

Cassandra {Sleeping or Sewing} said...

That is so sweet. It makes sense to give the machine to someone who will make good use with it.

Rachel Eggum Cinader said...

awwwwww! That is sew touching<3

Rose Anne said...

Thank you for your post. There will be an angel watching over every dress sewn on that machine and over every little girl that gets to wear one.

Suzanne said...

I loved meeting your family!!

suburbhater said...

I find it so daunting to post here but do love to see your pictures and read about your sewing. Was thinking today at the antique market - I wonder how many of the shops get old pillowcases that they cannot use to sell but would be in excellent shape to make dresses from? I will ask my friend Wendy

Suzanne said...

That is a great idea Lynne!! Thanks so much!!

Marie said...

That is so great I Know Hazel is smiling from heaven!

Kristy said...

So touching! What a wonderful way to continue the legacy and love of sewing of Ms. Hazel.

Donnie said...

That is such a sweet thing to have happen. My mother was a prolific painter and when she passed many of her neighbors asked for one of her paintings and that sure made us feel good. Even the Funeral Director, who was a friend of my sons, spotted one he loved. On back she had written "The end of the Road" and we knew we were doing what would have pleased her.

Barbara said...

Wow, it is amazing how generous and kind people are, and I'm sure they were also blessed by the gift they gave. It's true that it is more blessed to give than to receive . .. .thanks for sharing about these amazing people!